August 11, 2022

Are you Here to Lead?

KAUST has been embracing gender integration for more than a decade and a new campaign is celebrating future female leaders in Saudi Arabia, highlighting women in positions of leadership that have been shaped by the university.

The Here to Lead Campaign features the journeys of many women, from STEM researchers and professors to human resources, business, and management professionals, in their path to leadership roles. Led by the Strategic National Advancement (SNA) department of KAUST, currently spearheaded by Dr. Najah Ashry, the campaign showcases how KAUST has supported a diverse range of female leaders as part of the overall cultural transformation and empowerment of women in the workforce in the Middle East.

“Building on our commitment to supporting inclusivity and diversity, we created the #HereToLead campaign to celebrate the success of KAUST women making strides in the Kingdom”, said Dr. Ashry.

In a significant milestone toward gender equality in the Kingdom, KAUST has some impressive academic numbers. Women studying STEM subjects at KAUST make up 40% of students, while women studying STEM subjects worldwide make up only 18% of participants.

Rabab Alomairy, a Ph.D. candidate in High-Performance Computing, is a successful case of investing in women in STEM.

“In 2020 KAUST enabled me to receive the Gauss Award for the best paper at the International Supercomputer Conference. This makes KAUST the first institute in the Middle East to receive such an award”.

Another campaign participant, Ramlah Al Shibani currently serves as Head of Employee Services at KAUST Human Resources, managing HR service delivery. Al Shibani believes KAUST is a unique organization where people are appreciated regardless of gender.

“KAUST recognizes that women’s advancement is a cornerstone element of its strategy to deliver its mission. I started at KAUST as a fresh graduate in 2009 and the university has shaped my career towards confidence, discipline, and new development. KAUST has been consistently ahead of my ambitions by fostering growth and providing opportunities”.

Assistant Professor Material Science and Engineering, Dana al Sulaiman, sees this excellence continuing, “KAUST has played an instrumental role in my professional development and as an assistant professor here at KAUST I have the opportunity to educate the next generation of STEM students and to advance the roles of women in the workplace.”
Show your support to the women leaders in your circles by tagging them in your professional social media networks, followed by the #HeretoLead!