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Our Community

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People are central to sustainability—and citizen involvement is a crucial part of KAUST’s sustainability initiatives. We actively engage with our academic and neighboring communities to raise awareness of the social, cultural, environmental, and economic aspects of sustainable development.


The first step toward change is awareness. Our operational, research, engagement, and community departments routinely collaborate to deliver several projects, programs, and initiatives that tackle sustainability-related topics.

Initiatives include celebrations of international awareness days such as Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Food Day, and World Water Day, and activities such as Bike Week that engage the community and encourage climate-related awareness and action.

KAUST’s Community Life department promotes responsible consumption and production of goods across our community by organizing initiatives such as farmers’ markets and community yard sales.

The community-based Second Chance Thrift Shop allows residents to buy used items at discounted rates, with all revenue dedicated to funding local social projects. Community members can also grow their own food by joining the Community Garden Club.


KAUST is committed to inclusivity. Our international community brings together people from more than 120 nations—a cultural and ethnic diversity that we celebrate with several events throughout the year, involving community members of all ages.

The annual Parade of Nations is our community’s favorite event, bringing all residents together to celebrate their global citizenship.

We also provide high-quality education to children in our community through The KAUST School (TKS), a K-12 school offering an International Baccalaureate program.

The multicultural diversity of TKS combined with its engaging programs and its deep connection to the university expose students to contemporary topics on sustainable development that include climate change, food and water security, renewable and clean energy, and environmental protection.


KAUST is more than a university – it is a complete community designed to inspire and motivate our faculty, students, staff and their families. The Community Life Division helps create the landscape that allows KAUST to be a vibrant place to live, work and thrive.

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