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Office of Sustainability

Overseen by the Office of the President, the Office of Sustainability is the connecting hub responsible for the coordination and guidance of the University’s sustainability roadmap, in line with KAUST’s Sustainability Vision.

By fostering cross-cutting partnerships between all KAUST departments, the Office of Sustainability provides leadership and technical expertise on sustainable development, supports the integration of sustainability into KAUST’s mission, aligns projects and programs to integrate and promote sustainability efforts, monitors and reports the University’s sustainability performance, coordinates the planning and execution of the KAUST Climate Action Plan, communicates sustainability actions and initiatives to the public, and engages with the community on sustainability literacy and awareness.


Dr. Ana Margarida Costa

Head of Sustainability

Guiomar Duarte

Sustainability Communications & Engagement Manager

Dr. Rúben Martins da Costa

Sustainability Engagement & Performance Lead

Dr. Zahra Alsaffar

Sustainability Program Lead

Lavannya George

Sustainability Engagement Specialist

Nora AlKhater

Sustainability Projects Officer


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