climate change

Climate Action

Acting In a Changing Climate

Climate change is an existential threat to life on Earth, presenting a dire challenge to humankind.

SDG 13

KAUST is uniquely positioned to help catalyze action against climate change through innovative and rigorous research on climate and livability, food and water security, and several other climate adaptation areas of key importance for the region and the world.

As part of its Climate Action roadmap, KAUST has conducted a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission inventory following the internationally recognized GHG Protocol. The inventory outlines KAUST’s greenhouse gas emissions across three defined scopes. This effort aims to support the university’s leadership to work towards a tangible, evidence-based climate commitment.


KAUST actively fosters research and innovation on cleaner energy sources that will lead to a reduction of carbon reliance and lower emissions. Through a combination of research in hydrogen fuels, synthetic fuels and renewable energy sources carried on by the KAUST Solar Center (KSC) and Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC), the university also explores how some of its own discoveries can be applied to its carbon management.

In order to contribute towards the CCE Platform and align its plan of carbon management and emission reduction with global players, KAUST launched the KAUST Circular Carbon Initiative (CCI). The aim of CCI is to connect more deeply the different strands of KAUST’s CCE research to support the creation of a National Platform for the promotion, adoption, and rapid deployment of CCE technological solutions.