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April 28, 2023

Eight Years of Sharing is Caring

This March 2023, KAUST organized its 8th annual Sharing is Caring campaign as part of the University’s efforts to empower local and national communities and achieve its social responsibility goals.

Every year, our University organizes its Sharing is Caring campaign to encourage the community to celebrate the joys of the season with our neighbors in Thuwal during Ramadan and Eids. KAUST demonstrated its commitment to the surrounding community this year by participating in a Ramadan gift program in cooperation with the Al-Birr Association. In total, more than 600 boxes of gifts were donated to neighboring towns. Over 150 volunteer students and teachers generously donated their time by staying after school to pack over 200 hampers.

The University’s Social Responsibility team leads this initiative as part of its mission of building bridges of cooperation and interdependence and supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030’s objectives of enabling social responsibility and strengthening Islamic values and national identity. This initiative instills KAUST’s values of continuous well-being during Ramadan and offers an opportunity for people of all ages, including school students, to participate in this important time of year in Saudi Arabia

This campaign is particularly aligned with SDG 1, No Poverty, SDG 2, Zero Hunger, and SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities, by providing support to those in need, meeting the immediate food needs of vulnerable populations, and ensuring no one is left behind. KAUST believes in the shared responsibility of making a positive impact in the world and the Kingdom and is committed to doing so through social actions and initiatives.

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