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Tuesday, May 9, 2023 3:00 pm (AST) - 4:00 pm (AST) Location: Building 9, Room 3131 and Edama Facilities

Sustainability Seminar Series: “Scaling Up Sustainable Technology: a Story of Success”

The Spring 2023 Sustainability Seminar Series continues. This time the Students for Sustainability invited Dr. Mitchell Morton, Co-founder and CTO at Edama Organic Solutions. The distinguished speaker will held a presentation and as an exciting addition, attandees will have the opportunity to experience a short tour through Edama Organic Solutions facilities (KAUST community only). Please consider that online attendance is also available through the Zoom platform if you cannot make it in person.


Imagine that over 20 million tonnes of organic waste are produced annually in Saudi Arabia. Nearly all of it ends up in landfills, causing significant environmental impact through the release of greenhouse gases and harmful leachates. The StartUp Edama wanted to come up with a solution. They began to turn this waste into a new resource by using the composting process to transform organic waste into a new product that supports sustainable agriculture. After building Saudi Arabia’s first composting facility to solve the organic waste issue here at KAUST, Edama has grown to become the leading company developing and deploying organic waste recycling solutions and products in Saudi Arabia, allowing it to set sights on tackling the issues of landfill pollution, water scarcity and desertification at a national scale.

About the Speaker

As CTO, Dr. Morton leads Edama’s facility design, operations, and science and technology teams, applying his experience and scientific know-how to optimize our composting processes and design innovative products that address the needs of desert agriculture. Dr. Morton has spent the last 10 years specializing in plant science and desert agriculture, managing field trials in desert environments worldwide, and learning about the challenges of growing plants successfully and sustainably in arid conditions.


Building 9, Room 3131.
After a 20 min talk, bus transportation will be provided for attendees who would like to visit Edama’s facilities upon registration.

Click here for Zoom registration.

This event is brought to you by Students for Sustainability, with the support of the Office of Student Life and the Head of KAUST Sustainability, Dr. Ana Margarida Costa. Should there be any questions, please contact at


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