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Monday, November 6, 2023 - Tuesday, November 7, 2023 Location: Building 19, Hall 1, KAUST

ONE PLANET – ONE HEALTH: Searching for scientific solutions to the climate crisis

As global #foodsystems face challenges from population growth, increased meat consumption, and rising food waste, the need for #sustainable solutions is more crucial than ever. With food production expected to rise by 70-100%, how can we achieve this sustainably?

The #OnePlanetOneHealth conference brings together experts across disciplines to elevate scientific exchange and foster new forms of interdisciplinary communication. Our goal is to break away from traditional paths and explore innovative interdisciplinary solutions for a #sustainablefuture.

To register for the conference, and for more information on the program and the speaker list, please visit the website.

This event is sponsored by the KAUST BESE Division. The organizing committee is led by Prof. Heribert Hirt, Professor of Plant Science at the Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division and member of the Center for Desert Agriculture.