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Monday, April 22, 2024 8:00 am (AST) - 5:00 pm (AST) Location: KAUST

Earth Day 2024

Join us to Celebrate Earth Day 

Earth Day is celebrated globally on April 22nd to appreciate our planet and engage everyone in activities that remind us of our shared responsibility to act as stewards of the environment. 

This year’s theme Planet vs. Plastics is a reflection about the threats posed by single-use plastics, and the importance of optimizing its usage. Worldwide efforts to reduce plastic’s impact on the environment have been increasing, and 175 UN-member states have recently endorsed a resolution to end plastic pollution and forge an international legally binding agreement by 2024. The resolution addresses the full lifecycle of plastic, including its production, design and disposal. 

Joining hundreds of organizations across the globe, KAUST will celebrate Earth Day with events and initiatives aimed at environmental education and action.

Click here to see how KAUST is celebrating Earth Day.